Premium Chastity

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Vidéo 1: Mettre sa cage de chasteté – Put on your chastity cage –

Vidéo 2: Fier de montrer sa cage de chasteté – Proud to show off her chastity cage –

Vidéo 3: Chasteté et fouet – Chastity and whip

Vidéo 4: Exitation dans une cage de chasteté – Excitement in a chastity cage

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    Homme sous chasteté
    chastity cage choise

    BON4 is ideal for controlling your sex drive. The chastity device for men will improve your relationship (sexual) with your partner. Not just for those who want self control, but also for those who want to be controlled. In other words: it advises people who want to use chastity as sexual play, as sex toy.

    Warning :
    Several malicious websites and internet forums have reported that we sell imitation products. These claims are based on the fact that our products are sold at a price lower than that on the official website. Therefore, we would like to reassure you that our products are original, and come from website. Those products are guaranteed for a period of one year (supplier’s warranty). Our promotional prices are time-bound and help us to carryout a market study. They will be considered again for re-evaluation in the future.

    These are the dimensions of the BON4:

    * Overall length — fully assembled: 111 mm
    * Internal cage length: 65 mm
    * Cage opening: 35 mm
    * Ring Sizes: 41 mm; 47 mm; 52 mm
    * Fully assembled weight: 90 grams (with middle size ring)
    * Material: Premier Grade silicone
    * Colour: Transparent Clear