Stop copying, there are limits not to exceed

There are methods that must be denounced!

Customers looking for a chastity belt silicone arrive on sites that sell copies

These items are ordinary Asian copies of the famous brand "Birdlocked" who invented the chastity belt for men and can be brought safely through the innovative material such as silicone.

If you wish to visit the official website of Birdlocked, click here

How to differentiate between an original and a copy ?

Copies are made of two parts, separated ring and cage, while the original models are manufactured in one piece for comfort and safety of use unmatched.

  • Birdlocked is a product made in Switzerland, according to standards of hygiene and quality standards. BON4 is a product made in Asia (Thailand) by the company Chong Co. Ltd.
  • Birdlocked use medical silicone, the copies are made in industrial silicone (Grade 1)
  • Birdlocked comes with a steel padlock. The copies rust after one week of use
  • Birdlocked provided flexible closure strips but high strength while copies are hard and brittle
  • Birdlocked makes its products in a sealed and sterile. Birdlocked provides a packaging bag adapted, water-resistant. Copies are sold in a cardboard box or a simple synthetic horn.

BON4 trying to capture market share by creating confusion among customers of the brand Birdlocked.

Do not be fooled by marketing techniques such as placing photos or the brand Birdlocked while proposing to sell more rings!

Halte  la copie

Here is an example of how to sell a copy with the name "Birdlocked"
See the web page


How to convince our customers that they sell many products that are not copies !!!

Halte  la copie

In this third example, the photo shows a superb piece of Birdlocked but BON4 sells this model with several rings, there is deception all the way!

Test cage BON4

We use the site-BON4 for 5 months to study the real potential of this product. We bought a dozen copies (original product of course) and have proposed a preferential price to obtain a return customer. As we thought initially, the product does not meet user expectations. Pinching and injuries are real problems !


In conclusion:

We are currently building a case that will allow us to demonstrate that some sellers as BON4 apply practices slanderous and defamatory. If you have any complaints to speak, please send us any document or information that could help us to condemn these companies.

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In advance, thank you for your help and participation.